neoLaser offers a full PLDD kit which includes a thin fiber with ultra-thin durable coating, two high-end chiba needles (18G and 20G), and a special hemostatic valve for connection of all items. As such, the kit is all you need to perform a PLDD procedure with the laser.

Spider Veins

Special Focusing Hand Pieces

neoLaser offers special reusable fibers, and reusable focusing hand pieces with spot sizes in the range of 0.5mm-2mm, enabling effective treatment of telangiectasia in your dermatology or vascular practice.

Nail Fungus

Special Nail Fungus System and Hand Piece

neoLaser offers  reusable and cost effective fibers & hand pieces for your podiatry practice. Specifically, the laser can be used for treatment of onychomycosis and plantar warts in podiatry.

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