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neoLaser offers a full PLDD kit which includes a thin fiber with ultra-thin durable coating, two high-end chiba needles (18G and 20G), and a special hemostatic valve for connection of all items. As such, the kit is all you need to perform a PLDD procedure with the laser.

neoLaser PLDD kit
Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Special Focusing Hand Pieces

neoLaser offers special reusable fibers, and reusable focusing hand pieces with spot sizes in the range of 0.5mm-2mm, enabling effective treatment of telangiectasia in your dermatology or vascular practice.

Nail Fungus

Special Nail Fungus System and Hand Piece

neoLaser offers  reusable and cost effective fibers & hand pieces for your podiatry practice. Specifically, the laser can be used for treatment of onychomycosis and plantar warts in podiatry.

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